Note: We have launched NEFI 2.0 and discontinued support for NEFI 1.0.

NEFI is available free of charge under a permissive BSD licence. You are free to use and modify the software as you see fit. If you publish research that was done with the help of NEFI, we would appreciate it if you cited us as described in the How to cite section of the guide.

For Mac and Windows user we offer a binary version of NEFI for x64 operating systems. You can download the version suitable for your operating system below. If you are using Linux or are interested in contributing to the NEFI project, we recommend going with a manual installation.

If you have problems with the installation process please report an issue in our github project page. The developers will try to do there best to tend to these issues.


Source Code

To get access to our source code please visit our github page or use the download button below.


Binary Packages

Version operating system Size Release Date
NEFI 2.0 binary

Windows x64

109 MB 11.05.2016
NEFI 2.0 binary

MacOSX x64

85,5 MB 11.05.2016