Welcome to NEFI2’s documentation!

Well, I bet you’ve already read that NEFI2 is a cool tool to do Network Extraction from Images. It is, but it is more than that. NEFI2 was designed to be an extensible image processing pipeline which can be augmented with custom algorithms and algorithm configurations. For example, you can add your own faster implementation of “Adaptive Threshold” or “Guided Watershed”, you can easily set default settings and even construct a complete pipeline of your custom algorithms that solve a particular image processing task. You don’t need to write tons of boilerplate code, reimplement existing UI widgets and then connect them.

Also, if you are interested in contributing in some way, this documentation is a good starting point. Interested users might check out Quick Start Guide for users. People who’d like to poke into the code are advised to take a look into Quick Start Guide for developers first. Those who decide that the documentation lacks are cordially invited to make it better.


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