At this point the core developers would like to mention and credit some of the many people who have been helping us in different ways during the course of this project. Without their help and encouragement NEFI would not have happened.

Prof. Dr. Tetsuo Ueda

We are very grateful towards Prof. Ueda for introducing us to the interesting world of slime molds, for generously sharing his experiences and insights and for providing us with our very first samples of P. polycephalum. We sincerely hope that our software will be of use to the people in the field which he helped to pioneer.

Prof. Dr. Markus Hauser and Dr. Werner Baumgarten

We'd like to thank Prof. Hauser for cordially inviting us to visit him and his group in Magdeburg to talk about all things Physarum.

We thank Dr. Baumgarten for supplying us with a high quality image of P. polycephalum taken in the course of his experimental work. His picture helped drive the development of NEFI in the early stages where we were just getting our own lab-work started.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Manz and Mag. Tim Mehlhorn

We are happy to thank Prof. A. Manz at the KIST Europe for providing us with the lab space and the equipment necessary to conduct our own experiments with P. Polycephalum. Without the material that originated at the KIST this software would not have been possible.

We are glad to work together with Mag. Mehlhorn who contributed crucially to this project by culturing P. Polycephalum and taking high quality images.

Prof. Dr. Joachim Weickert

We'd like to thank Prof. Weickert for valuable comments and suggestions on the topic of computer vision and image processing.

Students of Saarland University

At this point we also like to credit the students of the software engineering lecture of the winter term of 2013. Their work is at the core of NEFI 1.0 and NEFI 2.0. Our thanks go to:

Winter term 2013:
  • Tim Kehl
  • Jan Martens
  • Christian Brossette
  • Yvonne Gladbach
  • Sascha Herzinger
  • Adrian Mang
  • Valentin Savenko
Winter term 2015:
  • Dennis Groß
  • Phillipp Reichert
  • Pavel Shkadzko
  • Andreas Firczynski
  • Martino Bruni
  • Sebastian Schattner

Prof. Dr. Kurt Mehlhorn

We are very grateful to be the students of Prof. Mehlhorn. Without his guidance, patience, support as well as the freedom he gives us in realizing our projects, none of this would have been possible.

Image Sources

Richard and Pam Winegar

We thank Richard and Pam Winegar for providing us with several ultra high quality pictures of dragonfly wings.

Dr. Kwan-tai Leung

We thank Dr. Leung for providing us with pictures of crack patterns. For more details please see his related publications:

Pattern formation and selection in quasi-static fracture, K.-t. Leung and Z. N´eda, Phys. Rev. Lett. 85, 662 (2000).
Criticality and pattern formation in fracture by residual stresses, K.-t. Leung and Z. N´eda, Phys. Rev. E. 82, 046118 (2010).

Further credits

Icons made by Situ Herrera, Appzgear, Freepik, Google from is licensed by CC BY 3.0.

PhotoSwipe image gallery by Dmitry Semenov.